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How to sign up with a Dutch energy provider

Gepubliceerd op: 08 augustus 2023

Signing up with a Dutch energy provider isn’t that difficult if you know which steps to take. This article will show you how to sign up with a Dutch energy provider in only three steps.

💡 Check out our English guide to finding the best energy provider in the Netherlands

Are you new to the Netherlands and is this your first time dealing with an energy contract here? Then we suggest you check out our English guide on how to find the best energy provider in the Netherlands.

In this guide we will explain to you shortly what you should consider when choosing a Dutch energy provider. We also show you which options you have by understanding the Dutch energy market.

Step 1. Compare energy providers in the Netherlands

Before you sign-up with any provider, it’s best to compare Dutch energy providers on your address first. This will save you (a lot of) money.

Not only do tariffs vary amongst energy providers, some providers give cashbacks or discounts to new customers. This might save you up to hundreds of euros on your energy costs.

You can compare energy providers with our energy comparison tool. Make sure you turn on Google Translate for this page.

What you need to do to compare energy providers on your Dutch address:

  • Fill in your postal code and house number and hit the ‘vergelijken’ (compare) button;
  • Next, answer the questions in the flow about your current situation and what you need for an energy contract;
  • Fill in your annual energy consumption, or let us make an accurate estimation for you based on the size of your household. You will never pay more than what you have consumed;
  • Then lastly hit the ‘klaar om te vergelijken’ (ready to compare) button

The results will now be shown to you. You will always find the cheapest energy providers for your situation at the top of the results.

Step 2. Choose a Dutch energy provider and sign up

Next, choose the best energy provider for your situation. Usually it's enough to look only at the top 3 providers, considering that these are the cheapest for you. Therefore we suggest you compare the top 3 providers on their prices and contract conditions.

Have you made your decision on which provider to sign up for? Then click on ‘Bekijk deal’ (check out this deal).

We will send you to the secured signup form of the energy provider. Either on our website, or directly on the website of the provider itself, depending on which provider you choose. This doesn’t make a difference for signing up process.

What you need to sign-up with a Dutch energy provider:

  • E-mail address
  • IBAN
  • Your current living address in the Netherlands
  • Phone number

Signing up directly via

One advantage of signing up with an energy provider directly via is that your IBAN account number will always be accepted, if you don’t have a Dutch bank account yet. Some providers make an issue of this. You can sign up through us with Innova Energie, UnitedConsumers, Budget Energie and Mega, without additional costs.

Step 3. Check your confirmation

The last step to take is checking if you’ve received a confirmation e-mail from your energy provider. Usually you will receive this within 3 working days.

Once your registration has been confirmed, you have 14 days reflection time (bedenktijd) to cancel your registration if necessary without any costs, starting from the conformation date. In order to do this you must cancel the contract yourself with your energy provider.

Is everything still good? Then you don’t have to do anything. Your registration will be made complete for you after 14 days and your contract and delivering will start at the confirmed date.

Compare Dutch energy providers


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