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Best Dutch internet subscriptions: here’s where to find them

When you’re new to the Netherlands, you can probably use some help with setting up your home utilities. Since you can’t go without a proper Wi-Fi internet connection at home, we give you our best internet provider recommendations for specific situations right away.

Quickest to set you up: KPN (or Ziggo)

Do you need an internet provider within days? Then don’t look any further and first check out KPN. KPN normally can hook you up within 3 working days, which is the fastest option available.

Isn’t KPN a good match for you? Then definitely check out Ziggo. They can connect you within 7 working days, which is quite fast as well. All the other providers take much longer, at least two to three weeks.

Best internet discount deals: KPN and Ziggo

Many internet providers regularly offer online discount deals for new customers. But according to us, the best offers are also given by KPN and Ziggo.

It isn't very difficult to get a good discount deal with them, where you can receive a 3 to 12-month discount on your subscription, up to 50% in some cases. Especially when your looking for a 1-year internet subscription (which we recommend), you hardly ever have to pay the full price.

Do you want a television subscription with your internet as well? Then KPN and Ziggo both have TV discount deals. Or you might even get a TV-package (like a sports channel) for free.

Will you really be watching television a lot? Then Ziggo has a bit more to offer than KPN with lots of TV-channels (English channels included).

Cheapest internet provider: Budget Alles in 1

If a reduced monthly price is a factor to consider, then Budget Alles in 1 is a fairly cheap (by Dutch standards) internet provider. Compared to KPN, Ziggo and some others, they belong to the cheapest providers. Good to know is that they also offer better English support than some other budget providers like Youfone.

If lastly English support is (really) important, then make sure to check out KPN, and Ziggo for a subscription in the first place.

Need more help witch choosing a Dutch internet provider? Feel free to chat with us!


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