The best internet providers in the Netherlands: our top picks for you

When moving to the Netherlands, choosing an internet provider can be quite a hassle. That's where we can help. Our top choices (out of 9) are definitely Ziggo and KPN. However, if you have a smaller budget, we recommend Budget Alles- in 1. After reading this article, you will know exactly why these providers, in particular, are the best internet providers in the Netherlands for new (temporary) residents and how you can sign up with them. This guide works everywhere in the Netherlands, so whether you live as an expat in Den Haag, Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Best internet providers netherlands
💡 Key take aways
  • Need fast internet? Choose KPN, they offer fiber internet, which is very fast and reliable. If this isn't available on your address, then Ziggo provides you the second fastest internet connection.
  • Want a TV subscription? Choose Ziggo if you want both internet and TV. They offer a wide range of (English) channels and the best sports tv.
  • Looking for affordable internet? Sign up with Budget Alles in 1. They offer fairly good internet quality for a competitive price.
  • Is English customer support essential? Choose KPN or Ziggo. Both are well known for serving their customers a good English support if needed.

How we determine the best internet provider

To ensure you get the best internet service when you are new to the Netherlands, we only recommend providers that meet certain requirements. These are:

  • Reliable internet connection
  • Free Wi-Fi modem
  • English online installing guidelines
  • Installation help when needed
  • No data limits on your home internet connection
  • Automatic monthly payment through direct debit
  • One year subscription (after which cancellation on a monthly basis is possible)

The best Dutch internet providers in a nutshell

KPN: The fastest to connect

KPN is the largest internet provider in the Netherlands. They offer high-speed fiber internet in many homes, with speeds ranging from 100 Mbit/s up to 4000 Mbit/s for both upload and download. In homes where fiber isn't available yet, they offer DSL internet (via the telephone line), this type of connection is much slower then fiber.

KPN fiber is ideal for streaming and online gaming, both of which require a super-fast and reliable internet connection.

KPN often has great subscription offers that give you up to 9 months of discounts. It is also possible to combine your internet subscription with a mobile subscription for even more benefits, such as a free TV package or an entertainment budget.

  • Shortest setup time: they can connect you within 3 days
  • You don’t need a Dutch IBAN number like most others
  • They provide good English support when needed
  • Best internet provider for online gaming without delays
  • You can freely cancel your subscription within your contracted period if you move from the Netherlands.
  • You can go to their local stores if you need any help or want to speak in person
  • They are more expensive without special offers
  • If you want your internet connection to be installed by a technician, instead of doing it yourself, they charge you € 75,-.

Ziggo: Ideal for Internet and TV

Ziggo, alongside KPN, is one of the largest internet providers in the Netherlands. They offer their services through a cable (COAX) connection. Ziggo also provides high-speed internet, ranging from 100 Mbit/s up to 1000 Mbit/s download speed.

It's important to note that with Ziggo, you get a lower upload speed compared to KPN's fiber internet. However, it's still quite fast and reliable, making it the best choice if fiber isn't available at your address.

Ziggo is particularly a great choice if you want a television subscription with your internet. They offer a wide range of TV packages, including English channels. If you're a sports enthusiast, they have the best offers for watching international soccer matches, racing, and more.

With Ziggo, you can also combine your internet subscription with Vodafone or HollandsNieuwe mobile plans to enjoy extra discounts and benefits. Their combination deals offer good value, especially with Vodafone.

Like KPN, Ziggo has great discount subscription deals, offering up to 12 months at 50% off. Additionally, with television packages, they often give you the first few months for free.

  • Fastest internet connection if fiber isn't available
  • Technical installation help is free of charge
  • Fewer stability issues compared to KPN (in certain areas)
  • They can connect you fairly quickly within 7 days
  • You don’t need a Dutch IBAN number either
  • Good English support is available when needed
  • You can freely cancel your subscription within your contracted period if you move from the Netherlands.
  • You can go to their local stores if you need any help or want to speak in person
  • They are more expensive without special offers
  • Their internet connection is slightly slower than KPN

Budget Alles in 1: Fast internet at a lower price

Budget Alles in 1 is a smaller provider than KPN and Ziggo but is now a well-known brand in the Dutch internet market. They offer fast internet via fiber and DSL. Budget Alles in 1 is the best choice if you want a fairly good internet connection at a lower price.

Compared to Ziggo and KPN, they take a bit longer to connect you to the internet. They also have fewer English support options, although their online chat and customer service can assist you in English. A significant difference is that they don't have physical stores around the Netherlands, so you need to contact them online or by phone if you need help.

Budget Alles in 1 also offers a combination deal with SIM-only when you need a mobile subscription. Although fairly cheap, they offer less variety in mobile plans and different quality compared to Ziggo and KPN.

  • On average € 3,- to € 4,- cheaper per month compared to Ziggo and KPN
  • English installation guides and chat support are provided
  • Technicall installation help at home is free of charge if you have a fiber connection
  • They connect you within 3 weeks
  • A Dutch IBAN number is needed
  • Longer waiting time if you need telephone support
  • Cancellation of your subscription before the end term is not free of charge

Insider tips on the best Dutch internet providers

💡 Tip #1. KPN and Ziggo are more flexible with early cancellation

Don't worry about your annual contract: KPN and Ziggo handle this quite easily. If you're moving abroad but your fixed-term subscription is still active, KPN and Ziggo offer more flexible cancellation policies than other providers.

If you can show them proof of deregistration from your local address and a registration at your new address abroad, they are quite lenient with cancellations, and you won't face any cancellation fees. For more details, see their community pages on 'emigrating abroad'.

💡 Tip #2. Sign up online to get a better deal

When signing up for a new subscription, it's often better to do it online as you can get better deals. You can use Google Translate to translate the provider's webpage. This usually works well enough to help you understand the options and see which offer meets your needs best.

This is how you sign up with the best internet providers in the Netherlands

Step 1. Open the websites of KPN, Ziggo and Budget Alles in 1 next to each other for comparison.

Step 2. Use their postal check to see what is available on your address and comepare their offers.

Step 3. Sign up with the provider that meets your needs best on their website.

If necessary, you can use Google Translate to translate the provider's webpage. We find that this usually works well enough for you to make a good comparison and to sign up for a subscription on your own. If you find any difficulties, just reach out to us in the chat. We're happy to help you and we speak English.

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